Capital City Convention Center Commission

On November 2, 2004, pursuant to the enabling legislation, 66% of the voters of the City of Jackson approved the construction of a convention center. It was an historic event and a turning point for our Mississippi’s Capital City. The enabling legislation created a commission to oversee the business involved with construction, purchasing, marketing, managing and operating the convention center. The nine-member Commission was appointed which includes representatives from the hotel, restaurant and business communities, and three at-large members, one of whom is appointed by the governor. The Mayor of the City of Jackson appoints the other eight members, six of whom are from a list of nominees submitted by the hotel, restaurant and business communities. Beginning in March 2005, the nine-member commission was appointed.

The Commission acquired the site, hired the architect, Dale and Associates, and awarded the construction contract to a joint venture, Fountain Construction/Major Associates. It hired IMS Engineers as the owner’s representative to oversee the project. This team, along with the Commission attorney, Charlene Priester, served to complete the project on time and under budget.

After a nationwide competitive search, the Commission engaged SMG to manage the facility. The Commission also negotiated the transfer of the adjoining Mississippi Telecommunications Center to its ownership in order to create a seamless complex. The 330,000 square foot convention complex, opened on January 9, 2009. It is truly a place where Mississippi meets the world and the world meets Mississippi. It has served and will continue to serve as a catalyst for economic growth for the City of Jackson and surrounding communities.

The Commissioners

Chairman, Fred L. Banks, Jr.

Mavis James

Duane A. O’Neill

Alan H. Walters






Rosemary Maxey

Rosemary Maxey, Commission Administrator

Legal Counsel

Charlene Priester

Charlene Priester

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