The intent of the OVG Facilities Internship Program is to recruit and foster those students intending to pursue careers in facility management, sports and entertainment, and related fields. As a company we feel that intensive, intimate experience in the area of the intern’s interest will be most beneficial to the intern and the Jackson Convention Complex.

Internship Program Mission Statement


OVG Facilities is a full-service venue management and event programming company built on the foundation of truly putting our clients first, OVG Facilities is committed to the continuing contribution of its unparalleled expertise, experience and leadership to the industry. Our success is dependent upon our employees, as our employees have embraced the challenge of meeting the high standards that we demand, and in turn, they continue to provide new ideas and fresh approaches to our business. In keeping with this commitment to innovation, OVG Facilities recognizes the need to encourage and foster the skills and talents necessary in the facility management field. To that end, the OVG Facilities Internship Program has been designed to encourage undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in our industry.
Our internship program is an investment in our company, the facility management industry and, most importantly, the program is an investment in those students who represent the future of both. OVG Facilities Internship Program also serves a symbol of our ongoing commitment to the communities and citizens that support our business. OVG Facilities stresses the seriousness of our responsibility to our local communities, and we encourage our employee to participate actively in their communities.

The Education of Experience

Through our program, we intend to provide our students with hands-on, labor-intensive experience encompassing the many facets of facility management. We require of every intern, as we require of every employee, the willingness to stretch and expand their abilities to meet the demands of our business.

In addition, each intern will be required to complete one special project to include planning, implementation and evaluation.

How To Apply

Who’s ready to make a positive disruption in the live entertainment and hospitality industry? Do you wake up each day thinking of ways you can expand your role or how to make a positive impact in the community or how to enhance the fan’s experience? Then you want you at OVG! We anticipate welcoming our first class of interns in 2021. Check back here occasionally for more information on how to apply. Or feel free to sign up for our email alerts, and we will deliver information about our internship program and other JCC news directly to you.

JCC Intern Application Information Packet

JCC Intern Application EForm