Patricia Mason Wins Employee of the Quarter


Patricia Mason, Sales Coordinator at the Jackson Convention Complex/SMG, has been awarded Employee of the Quarter after nearly a year of service at the JCC. Patricia will celebrate one year of service in February 2012.

Patricia is responsible for booking all wedding related events, all family reunion events, as well as birthday and holiday events. She is also responsible for preparing all license agreements as well as assisting the Director of Sales & Marketing, Micah Allen, as needed.

Allen says, “She’s my right arm! Patricia’s pleasant disposition is seconded only by her proficiency! She is a complete joy to work with!”

“She is a team player and her willingness to learn and assist whenever possible makes Patricia a real asset to the JCC team!” Allen adds.

When she’s not working hard to make clients and guests happy at the Jackson Convention Complex, Patricia actively serves at her local church where she is currently the Vice President of the Greeters Ministry. Patricia has two children and two grandchildren. She also loves to dance and ride horses.

Congratulations Patricia on a well-deserved award. And thank you for your outstanding service here at the Jackson Convention Complex!